Sound gets real

In the real world sound is all around us and moves in every direction. We are immersed in this natural multi-dimensional sound experience in our daily lives. DTS-X tries to match this with its new 3D audio sound format.

DTS-X lets you hear the sounds that you would naturally expect to create the most lifelike, multi-dimensional audio experience ever. Be prepared – because of this heightened realism horror films become scarier, comedies even more fun and chase scenes even more intense.

DTS-X sets a new standard for the Home Cinema experience

Creating a lifelike audio experience in a cinema or at home has always been a challenge since there are limits to how the soundtrack of a film is mixed and the loudspeaker requirements can therefore be very complex.

DTS-X has the ambition to change this.

DTS: X ™ is multi-dimensional sound

Simply put the sound around you as in real life and that without specific speakers or custom configurations. From the big screen home to your phone, it makes sound lifelike.

Cinema from home to mobile

What we have created increases the entertainment factor on all fronts.

Filmmakers can now bring you deeper into the film experience than ever before. With DTS-X a mix has been developed for the cinema, at home and on your mobile.

Het maakt van elk moment een meeslepende moment.

technology functions

For the home enthusiast there is good news because most home cinema receivers or High End 3D processors in 2015 are equipped with DTS-X so enjoy it. Although there are no specific requirements, it is important to have a good loudspeaker setup. Wondering how you can enjoy both DTS-X, Atmos and Auro3D click here.


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