Agent Procella Audio Benelux and Germany

I am an Agent for Procella Audio in the Benelux and Germany. Procella loudspeakers are specifically designed for high-resolution HD audio. Move beyond high fidelity to HD audio – experience the power, impact and clarity of Procella loudspeakers! If you are interested in becoming a Procella dealer then please feel to contact me. If you are a customer how is interested in our products then feel free to contact me as well. I will personally guide you to one of our Procella dealers for the “Procella Experience”.

Brief history: Born of necessity, the very first Procella Audio loudspeakers are designed in 2005 by Anders Uggelberg and Gerben Van Duyl, for a brand-new DTS Theatre located at the DTS Europe headquarters in Twyford, some 20 miles west from London, in the Thames Valley area in England.


The system was based around a few key principles

# the use of identical speakers for the screen channels and for the surround channels providing ‘identical voices’ around the room

# the use of closed box cabinets for superior transient response and group delay characteristics compared to bass reflex cabinets

# the use of a constant directivity waveguide and carefully matched crossovers for superior dispersion characteristics

# the use of a three way system using ideal components for bass, mid and high

# the use of professional quality, high-efficiency drive units capable of superior dynamic range and ultimately SPL (if so desired)

# the use of professional audio controllers or Digital Signal Processors (DSP) which control all of the audio in the room and allow very detailed fine-tuning of the acoustical result